“Sourced from Ecuador, the heart of the world, our moringa thrives under abundant
direct sunlight for nutrient-rich leaves that are handpicked for superior quality, all
while upholding organic excellence and FSSC 22000 food safety standards.”

Our unique


Thanks to our unique location, Ecuador receives more intense direct sunlight


Resulting in Nutritional
Powerhouse Moringa leaves

It’s not a big leaf, ‎ its huge! ‎
And huge means way more nutrients!

Quality You Can See, Safety You Can Trust:
Transparency in Every Step

● Processing steps of our moringa powder ●



  • Using only organic fertilizers.
  • Closely monitoring plant health
    and growth.
  • Maintaining soil quality.
  • Adhering to eco-friendly
    agricultural practices.
  • Harvest

    Moringa leaves are delicately harvested through a careful handpicking process.


    Fresh moringa leaves are efficiently dried in a stainless steel box dryer


    Once cooled to room
    temperature, moringa leaves is then packaged into 5kg bags.


    Moringa Reception &
    Quality Inspection

  • Color Compliance:
    Must be within the Munsell 5GY color range of 5/6, 5/8, or 5/10.
  • Yellow Leaves and Stems:
    Presence below 1%.
  • Purity and Odor:
    Free from impurities and must possess the characteristic, fresh moringa odor.
  • High Pressure Steam Sterelization

    The brief exposure (30 seconds) to high-pressure steam at 105°C / 221°F effectively sanitizes moringa, preserving quality without any adverse effects.

    Lab Testing

    Moringa is lab tested for microbiology and heavy metals, adhering to US and European safety standards.

    Grinding & Packing

  • Grinding:
    Moringa leaves finely ground with a high-precision stainless steel grinder.
  • Sifting:
    Ground powder sifted to a consistent #80 mesh size.
  • Metal Detection:
    Each batch checked for metal to ensure safety and purity.
  • Packing:
    Post-quality checks, powder securely packed for freshness and transport.

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