Our History

Around half of 2010, the Zoo-technician Fausto Mantilla Huerta, heard for the first time the name of a hindi plant called «Moringa» fill with special attributes that caught his attention and would change his life and the life of the people that would benefit from its consumption. Fausto and his offsprings: Daniel, Erika & Jorge, started giving a better use to the «moringa» as an alternate way to fight child hunger treat a lot of deseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. In that same year they decided to create the company ECUAMORINGA. This started by obtaining from abroad the seeds of «Moringa Oleífera» and implementing the first crops of plants and forests of moringa in different sectors of the country.

ECUAMORINGA has been acquiring great experience and motivation to prove day by day the extraordinary benefits offered by moringa to human health. This is evident in nutritional analyses of the plant, as well as in multiple testimonies of national and foreign doctors who prescribe «The Tree of Life» (as it is known worldwide) and the hundreds of consumers in Ecuador who help us to continue with the development of moringa in the country.

Moringa has also been extensively researched by ECUAMORINGA in livestock areas, as an extraordinary food supplement for all types of animals especially for increasing the production of milk, meat and animal health.


What began as a viable initiative to improve people’s health and increase the planting of moringa in the country, became the great ECUAMORINGA family, providing health through its top quality products nationally and internationally and fulfilling the vision of becoming the largest producers in the country.


ECUAMORINGA, we sow life.

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